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A few months ago I met a very interesting woman, her name is Mar Godoyl and she studied astrology, a subject that today is of interest to many. Mar entered this world thanks to his uncle who was an astrologer and from the age of 13 began to study, without thinking that he would dedicate his whole life to it. I consulted with her some of the most frequently asked questions in order to learn more about this topic that many of us are going crazy.

Margodoyl has complemented astrology with studies in other disciplines, thanks to which he has been able to create his own style and developed a different astrology, with a language accessible to all, without complex or tangled terms and above all, one that has a useful and practical application in everyday life. His mission is to make astrology a good ally so that everyone can grow up with it and create the life of their dreams.

Astrology can help us understand practically everything and can be a super useful complement to take advantage of the cosmic energy available every day and take advantage of everything you want to do. For example, it tells you when the best time to:

  • Start a project
  • -Talk with your ex
  • Even buy a house
  • Cut your hair

The movement of the sky (the planetary transits) is warning us what kind of events will be presented to us during a specific period of time, so that we can take the greatest advantage of the planetary energy and occupy it in our favor.

  • The most common practices in astrology are:
  • Birth chart: this is your cosmic x-ray and the best way to discover what your life mission is and how to connect with it.
  • Solar return: it helps you to know what your life will be like in a specific period (birthday to birthday), has a predictive dye and helps you prepare to take advantage of the planetary energy that will be in your life during that year, this type of letter is recommended to do once annually.
  • Sinastrías: this letter helps you see the compatibility between a couple, provides advice to improve your relationship Cosmic Oracle (cosmic dice and Visual Zodiac): helps you find quick answers in the form of an overview of a specific situation, provides practical and simple advice to solve a situation (it works like Tarot).
  • Therapeutic astrology workshops: Directed to the general public, they serve to heal wounds and patterns that limit us, through deepening in some element of the participant’s Astral chart, they can heal of relationships, self-esteem and mission of life

The chart

One of the typical confusions of people regarding the astral chart is that they think it is a Tarot reading and it is not so, the astral chart is as if it were an instant picture of the sky taken at the precise moment of the birth of a person (therefore to make it it it is necessary to have the date, the city and the exact time of birth).

Why the astrology boom lately?

” I think that at some point as humanity we were missing and that’s why there are so many people eager to connect with their essence, so astrology and the Astral chart are in vogue, because they are a very easy way and a kind of shortcut to reconnect with oneself, ” Margodoyl explained.

How accurate is Astrology?

The data in astrology are very accurate and Margodoyl tells us that in his experience 95% of what he reviews in his consultations through the astral chart, the solar returns but above all of the planetary transits (planetary movements) match almost perfectly with what the consultant is living in that moment or what he experiences in his daily life., it is worth mentioning that part of the foundations of astrology are found in Jungian psychology and astronomy with which we can know the planetary movements and positions that we like or do not exist in a tangible way.

Today there are fewer and fewer skeptical people and they increasingly believe in the power of astrology because those who claim to be “skeptical ” are actually closeters of astrology. On many occasions I have realized that those who most discriminate against her are those who at heart end up asking from sarcasm something that helps them to meet or something that helps them to find an answer about that disturbing situation they are living and when they get the answer through this beautiful tool boom! They end up falling at their feet.

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