What are the signs of the zodiac that shouldn’t live together?

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There are people who cannot live together, because there is a lack of harmony between them.

Among some people there is disharmony or impossibility of coexistence. According to Radio Mitre, the following are the double signs of the zodiac that should never live together.

Pisces and Cancer

Both signs have chemistry, but being very romantic, they usually take off from the ground each time they mate.

This will not be very good for your relationship, as you do not perceive the reality of life as a couple Day by day.

After the romance and the “honeymoon” phase passes, they will feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that living together imposes on them.

Cancer and Libra

Cancer is the most emotional and sensitive sign of the Zodiac, which makes it hard for you to make the place where you live with your partner the perfect place.

And although Libra appreciates cancer efforts, he will always need to have an active social life, preferring to spend some nights with his friends.

This may seem an insult to the details that cancer lives on with its partner, causing many problems.

Sagittarius and Taurus

The Taurus are loyal and loving people but also the most possessive with their partners.

Sagittarius do not like this, as they do not like to be tied up and will not feel comfortable being controlled.

Capricorn and Aries

Both are very ambitious signs. However, Capricorn is one of those who achieves his goals step by step, with a plan. On the other hand, Arians often make important and complicated decisions, quickly, without giving themselves much time to think about them. This is something the Capricorns will hate and cause trouble.

Leo and Scorpio

These signs are very passionate, but just as the intensity can unite them, it can also confront them.

Leo likes to be exalted and admired, while scorpions feel that such attitudes do not show their partner’s affection for them.

Gemini and Virgo

Geminians are thinkers and often express their ideas, communicating what they feel about a particular fact. On the other hand, the Virgo are more practical and have little tolerance for various things. Put together, they may lose patience.

Scorpius and Gemini a hard-to-maintain relationship

What Scorpius and Gemini can do to be together for a long time is to mentally stimulate each other and enjoy those moments of intimacy in many different ways so as not to end up in the routine. Which makes Scorpius think about finding someone else to accompany him in his life.

A Scorpio loves to show the love that you feel for them, and here is when the Twins have to use all the energy that provides the water to be able to move forward and be happy for a long time.

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