Mons styles according to astrology and tarot

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According to Jean Shinoda Bolen, a Jungian analyst, self-knowledge based on the stereotypes and archetypes that identify us is a way to understand each other better, to observe what we repeat automatically of our ancestors, of social models, of culture, of stories.

Symbolic languages, myths and stories are very good for this because they contain a lot of information. We offer you a game, from your astrological solar sign or a tarot card of your choice, in what style of Mother of identification? How do you manage your upbringing or relationship with your children.

The Amazon: free and independent

It corresponds to the moons and Suns of fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) in the birth chart. And if you do a spin of tarot arcans asking the question, How am I like Mom? it would correspond with the car, The Force. These are independent mothers, very little symbiotic, who transmit a very strong sense of personal power and independence. These women very soon teach “to hunt” their young, to defend themselves, and they can be very inhibiting at times, because they have so much fire that their children observe them as beings who “can everything”. They run the house, they’re heads of household, they drive their own cars and they’re enterprising. His fiery temper always generates a climate of much joy and enthusiasm around him, spreading well-being and positive waves. Perhaps the assessment of their sense of individuality will make them avoid intense emotional contact, especially in the first few months of the baby, so it is better that they are very contained and accompanied by their surroundings.

The intellectual mental and reasoning

She’s the talkative, attentive, curious mother. It corresponds to the signs of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Virgo. Represented in the tarot with the stick of Swords (communication) and by the arcane The Wizard, Justice. For her to give affection is to put together stories, choose words, books, give access to information and good reasoning. They are hyper stimulants for their children, although they may be a little disconnected, because the air has little roots in the earthly and sometimes neglects the basic issues just by dispersing and living in their labyrinths or mental dilemmas. What will you offer your children? A good education will help them to think for themselves, to be creative, to be interested, to reflect among various options, to be free. She’ll share parenting with other women, networks are her strong suit.

The seducer: sexy and in love

They are mothers who never leave their place of Goddess Venus, that is, their connection to romantic love and couple ties. It corresponds with the mothers Libra, Leo and Taurus, and in the tarot with The Lovers. This identification makes them very attentive to their appearance, their self-esteem based on the gaze of others. Where they go they love perfumes, essences, make-up and a costume suitable for every occasion. His children admire this power of intense seduction, because it is the most beautiful among all the mamies of his friends in the garden. Although sometimes somewhat superficial, obses of the combination of colors, decoration and cute hairstyles, go in search of their own pleasure and every now and then need the day of spá. Perhaps putting the focus on your children’s needs will be a challenge, prey to appearances, sometimes they stay in a friendliness that is proof of everything, in choosing beautiful objects. Going further in the affective and empathic understanding with the world, not denying the problems that arise in the upbringing, will be the challenge.

The intense: explosive and passionate

¡Boom!!! These moms don’t mess around with little girls. Are all expansion of feelings. Corresponds with the sign of Scorpio, Pisces, Leo, Taurus. Comes from the hand of the arcane Tower, The Devil, The Moon. This reinamadre is a major Bee, a spider on her loom, a major wolf in the community. They are the typical matriarchs that have everyone dancing around them, they are characterized by being possessive and dominant with all their ties. Also with your children! It is difficult to escape from their seduction power (or smooth and plain manipulation) that often disguises itself as food at all times, a constant victim position or, on the contrary, an emotional intensity so high that children never want to leave their side. 30 and living with mom? Here’s a probable explanation. A lot of therapy to achieve independence and exit from the nest. Deep down, they are hidden witches and shamans who must share their gifts with the entire community.

The obse: orderly and efficient

She is a very ’50s mother. when women were to be ordered, watch for the absence of germs and pathogens in the home, send the boys to wash their hands every two minutes. It’s mother Virgo or Capricorn. Like arcano, the Emperor. What happens when neatness and whiteness are more desired that our children have fun and get pregnant? The obse has a toc, identified with the archetype of the Virgin, loves service, is very good at her work, has a natural helpful attitude, but often neglects her personal space and her own pleasure. If his partner does not cooperate and the chores are not shared equally in the house, his life becomes a sort of “hell on earth,” she is a Cinderella. Even if you have a lot of energy, your emotional willingness to listen to what your children are really asking of you is running out. To stop before you lose the soul in the way.

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