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The astrologer Narda Fernández will be present with a luxurious presentation this Sunday, October 20, at the Congress of astrology 2019 that will be held at the Coliseo hotel in Caracas.

Fernández will represent the astrologers of the eastern zone, and will also be the first speaker on the topic “planetary conspiracy”. In this he explains that every inhabitant of the planet is sure that the personal, collective and human consciousness changes, as a whole, become more necessary and indispensable every day.

Astrologers have to wonder if as professionals they have anything to contribute to this mysterious process.

“We stand before the portal of the Aquarian Age where ‘the mind is the limit’, and for that shift of consciousness to occur, whether we are aware or not, we are all inevitably involved in an impressive planetary conspiracy. It is up to the astrologer of this new age to decipher the enigma that hides this conspiracy and help his consultant to walk firmly in the midst of this powerful energy.”

Fernandez said they carry work topics for the participating astrologers of the Congress to test them, thereby achieving the understanding of their own life. Especially the new generations or the millennials, who have the world in their pockets, as they interpret life differently.

He assured that new astrologers must release traditional astrology and evolve in the way they interpret it.

Around the indigenous popular uprising in the country in October, the ideologues of the Ecuadorian right in alliance with the hegemonic media have embarked on an ideological war disguised in political analysis and democratic concern. Without a doubt, in the context of the social protests, the presence of the progressive-correistic agenda that sought to accumulate political capital according to its own interests was isolated and neutralized by the very dynamics of the Indigenous and popular movement. The difference between the demands of the social movement and the correistic agenda was clearly established by the leadership of Indigenous organizations on Saturday, October 12.

Obviously, it is in the interest of the government and the ideological right not to assume this difference, because involving correism with the popular movement and especially with the indigenous movement allows them to delegitimize the social struggle and justify the repression, persecution and judicialization of leaders, autonomous communicators and demonstrators. They launched a witch hunt in the best style of correism in the ‘ 30s.

Within the discursive framework of this intentional articulation between the social movement and the correistic agenda, right-wing ideologues rekindle a nefarious racist, xenophobic and classist discourse in the name of democracy. Blinded by their racism, they lose the slightest sense of reality and delude themselves with a city and a non-existent citizenship. They describe the indigenous peoples of the Horde that came down from the moor to undermine the human right to property, to mobilization, to the security of the good families of Quito. They forgot that their property stands on the lands of the ancestral peoples, who inhabit this Territory Thousands of years ago before the colonial invasion of which they are proud. They refuse to see that their aristocratic and bourgeois Quito is populated by an immense peasant and Indigenous migration; that Quito is not reduced to its high neighborhoods, that Quito is deeply popular and Indigenous. It seems that they did not realize that the majority of families in Quito not only went out to support and assist the indigenous peoples who came to the city, but went out to protest for the same reasons they protested.

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