How to harmonize libra’s senses

Written by Gary

Today we are going to reflect on what in the East they call the gates of the soul and in the West, the five senses. To understand how they play an important role in improving the quality of life.

Each door or sense has a kind of Sentinel: a planet of the zodiac that is the key to connection between the body, emotions, mind and soul.

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“The organs of the senses are the windows of our soul through which we contemplate ourselves. What we call environment or outer world is but a reflection of our soul. A mirror that allows us to look at and recognize ourselves, because it shows us the areas that without the reflection we would not be able to see.”

The planetary telescope

We observe the sky of this moment. By the position of the planets in the sign of Libra it is possible to grasp with greater sensitivity what life, relationships and environment provoke me. With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, there is the possibility of deepening our mind and emotions and seeing us more acutely inside.

Jupiter in Sagittarius allows an open view, without personal judgment and even, to see beyond the concrete. Neptune in Pisces enables artistic perception, to give beauty to reality.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn awaken the touch, the ability to soften all roughness in relation to conflicts. Ideal to exercise caresses in all situations.

Chiron and the Moon at Aries bring fire, color and life to what I perceive and sweetness to convey my intentions. Uranus in Taurus discovers our inner talents to create a different reality and kindles the heart, which is the cede of love.

My mercurial mind and the power of selection

The human mind receives information from the outside world continuously, through the five” doors ” of the senses: smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. At a certain time, the mind can select only that which is of interest to it. Tell me what Mercury you have on your day of birth and you can know what your mind is like. This selection is made by focusing attention on specific information and ignoring other non-relevant data.

The more attention is focused on a particular sense, the more the amount of information received through that sense will increase, and the information that comes through the other senses will become “less important” and will even be completely ignored by the mind.

A special feature is the ability to focus attention on the inner world of feelings, thoughts and ideas. Tell me where Venus was when you were born and I’ll tell you how your feelings are.

Moreover, the human mind can concentrate even on the essential self, what is called personal consciousness in the West or soul in the East. This fact is of fundamental importance because it creates the possibility that something higher in US can control perception.

“This faculty of the human mind to modify at will the orientation of conscious attention is the basic mechanism of mental concentration.”

Concentrating is the first step

“Concentrate” means gather in the center, collect, focus. It means concentrating the mind on a single object without allowing anything to disturb the focus in a certain period of time. The opposite of concentration is dispersion, recreation.

In this case, the uncontrolled mind jumps from one object to another without looking at anything. Today, this is the mental condition of most people.

Focusing carefully on some of our “environment” facilitates a great medium that helps us get to know each other. The image that appears in the mirror, the outside is not always flattering because also our Shadow is reflected in it. We strive to separate the self and the outside world and protest because we “have nothing to do with it”. When we’re actually immersed in the system.

To concentrate is to be involved with what you record with the senses: object and subject come together. The sign of Libra in its splendor. I’m you, you’re me.

Between image and projection

We project our way of being abroad and believe in the independence of our projection. Then we omit to internalize the projection and here begins the Era of supposed social assistance in which everyone helps each other and no one helps themselves.

To expand inner consciousness, you need the reflection that comes from outside. But if we want to be whole and healthy, we must not fail to admit that projection within ourselves. To perceive is to become aware of the truth. This is only possible if the human being recognizes himself in everything he perceives.

“If you forget, then the windows of the soul, the organs of the senses, gradually become tarnished, lose the transparency and force the human being to turn his perception inward. To the extent that the organs of the senses cease to function, man is compelled to gather himself”.

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