Date of marriage in 2020, according to astrology

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Numerology and astros indicate that February 20 of next year will be an ideal day for marriage.

Choosing the date of marriage is a complex issue because there are several factors to consider: the season of the year, the availability of the salon, the schedule of guests living outside, etc. but have you valued astrology as an important element for the day when you will say “I accept”? Have you ever wondered whether the Full Moon, the retrograde motion of mercury, or the position of Venus, the star of love, will have an effect on your marriage? If it’s in your plans to get married next year, renowned astrologer Carolyne Faulkner has revealed the best date to get married. A day that, due to its symbolism with numerology and its relationship with the stars, augurs a lasting and full relationship.

According to the author of “the signs: decode the stars, reframe your life”, 20 February 2020 (20/02/2020) will be an ideal date for marriage. Why? Numerology indicates that number two represents empathy, much cooperation and consideration for others. It is a symbol of balance and Union. Also, by adding the digits of that date the result is the number 8, which, due to its form, is bound to Infinity. It is considered to be the number of equity and Justice. Who wouldn’t love to have a marriage in which these values prevail?

On the other hand, the two marks the House of Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty. Taurus is a patient, tenacious, loyal and dedicated sign to all that is proposed. Key to creating a lasting union. As if that were not enough, Carolyne points out that that day Saturn (planet of willpower), Jupiter (planet of expansion), Pluto (planet of magnetism) and Mars (planet of decision-making) will be aligned. An astrological aspect that promises a lot of stability and harmony in your relationship.

While February 20 is an exact date, Carolyne also indicates that the entire year 2020 will be a perfect year to meet big commitments, such as marriage.

We must also take into account the time when family and friends are available, the place where we want the Union to be and, of course, the subsequent party. There are so many things to consider so many couples choose to hire a wedding planner to let go of all that relaxation.

Astrology can not only help us choose when it’s the best time to get married, but also when it’s the ideal time for other important things, such as when to open a business, when to look for an investment, when not to end a relationship

For example, if Venus is retrograde, it might influence us wanting to repeat sentimental mistakes of the past, like thinking about an ex, some romance we leave behind and we don’t want our partner to get hurt or hurt, right?

A union that begins when Venus is retrograde is not an imminent sign of failure in a relationship, obviously, but you do have to be very careful not to bring toxic things into a relationship. But then, as our grandmother would say, why take the risk?

A ‘happy’ location on both Venus and the Moon offers a good opportunity to ‘bless’ the couple and to be happy in their union. You don’t want her influence to be negative and drag on Love issues.

The other important planet to consider for sensitive dates is undoubtedly Mercury. And this is why the warning comes these days, as you will know, when Mercury is retrograde you have to be very, very careful with our relationships and any kind of communication.

Mercury is the planet that governs communication, interrelationships, learning and many more things. But when it is retrograde, many facets begin to fail, starting with what we speak, say, sign, etc.

A wedding during Mercury retrograde can also lead to other problems such as the guests never arrive, or get lost on the way to the church, or the feast, or that some people don’t even get to go, and that is that it tends to happen when Mercury is as well. There are delays in travel and many more complications.

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