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With much, much love, this is how the astrologer Walter Mercado distributed his material and astral heritage.

The Puerto Rican astrologer, who died on Saturday, November 2, at the age of 87, left an inheritance of approximately $10 million, according to the newspaper El Universal of Mexico based on figures reported by Celebrity Net Worth, which specializes in celebrity finance.

That money will be managed by Dannette, Betty, Aida and Ivonne Benet Mercado, the nieces of the Puerto Rican who for many years was a figure of the Telemundo television network thanks to his work as Horoscope presenter and astrologer.

According to the newspaper El Tiempo of Colombia, the money will be distributed among the nieces of Mercado, but also other relatives will benefit in the inheritance: their brothers Henry and Victoria, and Carmen, María del Rosario and Henry Mercado Jr. the other market nephews.

In addition, Walter’s nieces will be in charge of giving donations to various charitable institutions because the one who was also a dancer liked to help these entities.

Finally, the inheritance of the stars will be distributed to Dannette, Betty, Aida and Ivonne; they will be in charge of following the legacy of the Daily Horoscope deliveries on the astrologer’s website.

El Universal confirmed that Mercado owned several art collections and also had different financial investments; this could increase the amount of inheritance left by the Puerto Rican after he died at age 87.

The family members of the market also contemplate opening a museum in their honor. In addition, Market has written a book with his experiences that is ready to be published.

The nieces and brothers of Puerto Rico will be in charge of carrying on their legacy and also distributing money to different charities.

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