Astrology Karmic and how to handle your freedom

Written by Gary

Today in good Karma, through Uranus in the sign of Taurus after 84 years, we will analyze its cycles and how it affects us in our daily life. The knowledge we share is part of an ancient wisdom. They are not to believe, but to test and experience.

“The lack of evidence does not prove his absence.” A. Eisntein

A look at the current Sky

Planets in their permanent, millimeter and orderly turn point their energies to Earth and every sensitive man or woman can receive their frequency.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpius allow us to see our deepest emotions. They announce the end of a cycle, the old thoughts and feelings of the past are behind them. Inexorably we march to other horizons.

With Neptune in Pisces, there are four planets in the water signs, you have to cut off what was, accept what lived, not blame not victimize. The discernment to choose what I want from my life must contemplate the heart and well-being of all that surrounds me.

Seven signifiers in the cardinal signs are also indicating a new Will and a reorientation towards a personal and social future with new pillars. Heaven gives us the opportunity to build bridges and not walls.

Jupiter moved away from disharmony and active union, understanding and freedom of belief. It is time to agree and reconcile.

Finally and especially we stop at Uranus in Taurus that started a cycle called retrograde until 11 January 2020. It gives way to a more conscious freedom based on being fraternal with the opposite. The opposite is complementary. There can’t be one without the other.

Uranus retrograde the liberator of perpetrators

“Freedom means you can choose both right and wrong; if you are only free to choose right, it is not freedom.” Osho

When Uranus is in a retrograde phase, we have to wait for the unforeseen. We’re going to have to reorganize, because there’s bound to be a change of plans. We need to be flexible and try to refine our adaptive capacity.

Its influence removes the old and brings the new, changes our routines, eliminates stagnations, renewing things, bringing fresh air, leaving the atmosphere as after a storm.

It intensifies somewhat eccentric, revolutionary and combative tendencies, and becomes even more surprising, creating somewhat strange or at least original behaviors. Changes in mood, appearance, attitude, personal transformations; all these things can happen.

The setback has a tendency to” turn things around”, so some relationship that seemed dead and buried could resurface, by surprise, or some increase or progress in the work that was thought lost could be reactivated.

The council is to surrender because the Uranian energy does not usually bend, that is, it would rather win the game. Simply evaluate what is susceptible to “letting go” in your life, or what is the same, what rigidity one can dispense with. In the meantime, the stress it can generate will only wear out your nervous system.

People, in receiving their harmonies, have greater intuition and inventive impulses. They reflect on the pro and the contra and do not rush to choose or decide too quickly.

Between harmonies and disharmonies

When disharmony is received, the impulses of liberation seem to be repressed until, suddenly, a great need arises to remove any ties. The rebellion and the accumulated violence is unleashed and the struggle and the changes are chosen by force.

Uranus in retrograde seems to awaken and reactivate the needs of freedom and rebellion against all authority, even if it has been chosen. See in the other what I want to change in it.

It can cause sudden changes, overnight, and break down entrenched routines or structures. Surprises are on the agenda.

Uranus transiting Taurus until April 2026

Taurus ruled by Venus: associations, the feminine, the balance. Love and right relationships should take precedence over money.

Sign of land, fixed where we hide the greatest selfishness and at the same time the greatest liberation: sharing. He suffers from attachment and lack of enjoyment of the material.

It activates persistence, the courage to let go of what we will sooner or later leave behind. It breaks with excessively possessive structures.

It ignites a constructive will, independence, freedom, daring, inventiveness, originality, brusqueness, radicality in communication and action; sudden breaks, beginnings.

The planet of Revolution, Radical changes, universal collective consciousness, acceleration, eccentricity; openness to all new, the unknown.

Unexpected changes or developments, removes the old and creates the new, destroys tradition and creates a new mold; reforms, revelations, new methods. It generates chaos, anarchy, but it is also future and modernity.

Uranus is friendships, love for humanity, fraternity. Universal collective consciousness.

Electronics and electricity, electromagnetic energy, computers and inventions, technology and Science (Space, computers, devices, inventions), media, aviation; it dominates waves, lightning.

Astrology and metaphysics. Trade unionism, nonconformism, progressivism, anarchism, utopia, reform, new methods, the future.

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