Astrology for difficult times

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Astrology for difficult times: a guide to understanding the astral chart and, by the way, to oneself” (editorial Planeta) is the first book by the astrologer Consuelo Ulloa, known on social networks with her nick “Miau Astral”. One that does not intend to give tools of divination of the future, but a guide to understand how we coexist with the stars.

The map to understand this relationship is precisely the astral chart. One where you often” don’t understand anything, you see a map with lines and points, ” he commented in an interview with Citizen DNA. “Besides, most of the books I’ve read on the subject are soporific from fomes, so the idea is to bring it closer to the people.”

The astral chart, he explained, is “a picture of the sky at the time of the birth of a person”, where that hour calculates the ascendant, key to determining the essence of a person. However, she clarified that “I am not very close to determining fate.”

“I work the astral chart from a more therapeutic interpretation, not so esoteric. Saying ‘my destiny is to be a ballet dancer’ is a little arbitrary, and it also depends on who interprets it,” she explained. For her, predictions are ” a way to take power away from the person.”

In addition, he went on to explain, ” just seeing the Sun sign is super lazy. You have to be the complete combination. The astral chart has more than 25 variables, and the planets or positions of the chart are super deterministic.”

Consuelo, who said that his approach to astrology came after a depression, because “he wanted to understand me,” claims to have “tired of the way many people do this. I’m a super rational person, too much intuition takes me away from the witch with the incense. I don’t read horoscopes in the morning, I do see what’s going on in heaven.”

It also rules out astrology to be useful in predicting love successes or failures. “With sinastry, which is to superimpose one person’s Astral chart to another, I am a skeptic, because I myself was in a relationship where I was wonderful and ended up suffering gender violence. The letters say a lot but not necessarily what that person is living in particular. I tend not to read Astral letters like that because it’s very dangerous.”

In fact, to comfort astrology and feminism go hand in hand. “I tend to deconstruct it from feminism. I do not believe that gender determines how a person is, patriarchy is more important than gender in the calculation of the astral chart.” Finally, she insisted that ” it’s not because I’m an astrologer that I’m going to stop vaccinating or going to the doctor, it’s a way of knowing and a way of understanding. I do believe that the over-nationalization of society has not led to so many good things, so we have to connect with intuition.”

Book for all

Astrology for difficult times is not a book of predictions or a recipe book to leave the parents ‘ house and achieve at last! pay the Bills at the end of the month.

If you ever heard anything like, “Pluto’s quadrature with Uranus is ending between your house one and your house four, Capricorn” and you didn’t understand anything, or you know that Mercury retrograde thing, this book is for you.

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