Astrology and science in the face of the vacuum of trust

Written by Gary

Among American youth there is a contradictory situation, an increase in the monitoring of astrology at the same time as an adherence to science, or what with such a label is presented.

The excellent reputation of Science is indisputable. As the button of the cosmetic ads shows nearby: they present their products with unrepeatable names of chemical compositions as an endorsement of their beneficial effects on the skin, the eyes or the prolongation of a beautiful youth, “because you are worth it”.

But this tendency of millenials to seek solutions in the interpretation of the stars, their positioning and their relationship with the date of the birth of the young man is striking.

I think it is, and not just in America.

Apart from the faith in schools and in homes that do not look in that direction, many young people and not so young already try to find the security of one faith elsewhere. Living in doubt is not living. There is also something G. K. Chesterton said: “the bad thing about men having stopped believing in God is not that they no longer believe in anything, but that they are willing to believe in everything.”

Is there not something of that in the boom of pobretones self-help books, in the veneration of brands of clothing or electronics, or in the strength prescribed in the networks of the influencers?

Firmness in a belief is branded by some as unrealistic when not of lack of freedom or intransigence; those who point this out often end up idolizing the goddess reason. I visited in Versailles a temple of the Raison of atheist times. Something sad, if you want to know my impression.

Now it’s time to believe the horoscope. The matter has its what. I had a friend that measured 1.65 and weighed a little over 50 kgs. He read the horoscope for fun until one day when he looked at the one corresponding to his zodiacal sign he laughed: “watch your tendency to obesity” he advised him.

Years ago, and obesity doesn’t show up anywhere. It will be that Uranus has thought about it better, has spoken to Jupiter in conjunction with Mars and have left the matter for when he dies.

I looked at mine today to write this post and he gives me the following advice: “Don’t let the silence attenuate you. It is natural in emotional signs to take a long time to articulate their interior with words.”

Well, nothing, here, see me for days what years? clenched, mute, slow to expressiveness. It must be someone else who writes articles full of words that you reader friend can read and that a soul reader who knows me since I was young reads between the lines.

Rather, what would suit me as belonging to “emotional sign” is to be more silent. What a mistake to open your mouth!

Gripped by silence? I remember those conversations of the first youth with friends of the school, walking along the “advanced”, or arriving without ceasing to speak to fix the world to the Spur where the waves of El Abra broke.

Also the long conversations with many intertwines and more intertwined near Gardens of Albia on weekends returning home the first year of the University. Nothing stopped us. We ate the world. Starting with a rice cake in Arrese. And life was shining, imagining … dreaming … putting stones into nothingness and names to what ended up being stars of what could have been.

Some millenials -will not be so many – are extracting trust and detection of one’s own destiny in the alignments of stars, with a vision, without output as the oozing out the end of the article of Smallwood: “ultimately, withstand the doubt is the only thing that you can do in life: do not strive for meaning or answers, and stand up to the state in which you find yourself”.

Since we are still here. I am not saying that we have no doubts and that everything was as we imagined it, but we embraced what we did not doubt we saw and loved that day. I have what I have, not there in Neptune, but here: someone “more interior than my innermost”, and who leaves me freedom to gather designs in words and describe worlds that the soul finds difficult to unravel but that encourage and light him in happiness.

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