Astrological interpretation of people born by caesarean section

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How does this surgery affect the birth of a person in your birth chart?

To better use astrology as a self-knowledge tool, one must understand the term “birth chart/astral chart”, which is understood as a diagram showing the position of the stars when a person is born. A graphic representation in which you can see where and how The Sun, Moon, Mars and other stars were located at the exact date, time and place of our birth. What does an astral chart reveal? In interpreting it, one can know what the probability will be towards aspects related to the health, work, love and personality and character of someone.

For example, I was born 25 may 1992 to 14:00 hours in the Mexico City. This data will serve to create a kind of birth certificate in which any astrology connoisseur will be able to observe that I Am Gemini, with ascending Virgo, Moon in Pisces, among other things. So I’ll have characteristics typical of the signs mentioned. It is worth mentioning that my birth was by natural childbirth and I must confess that, at the age of 27, I had never asked myself how caesarean delivery affects. Surgical procedures in which the date and time of birth of a baby is chosen according to the convenience of the doctor or mother. What astrological interpretation can you give him? Without going into medical, biological or even psychological details, this explanation is only based on the effect that the stars have on us. An explanation related to the karmic repercussions on the life history of these people.

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One assumption that can be made is that the natural baby is actively involved in its decision-making to be born, while the caesarean baby is extracted non-voluntarily. In some respects this may be more comfortable for the child as he / she does not have to make any effort to advance through the cervix and go out into the world. He has also, in a way, been deprived of his initiative with regard to his own birth. Among other things, the ascendant in an astral chart represents the way to make its way into life. Will he have the same representation for someone who has been deprived of his ability to make way for life on his own? On more practical issues, it could be interpreted that people born by caesarean section are people who will be very difficult to make decisions. People with indecision or insecurities of any kind.

The karmic approach would say that the child before birth chooses his own birth chart (place, date and time of birth). The million-dollar question would be: did the child born by caesarean section choose to be born by caesarean section or was there an alteration of his destiny? Personally, the question arises: Can the baby tune into what would have been his natural birth chart? Whatever its form of birth, I like to think that each of us come into the world with a mission of life and that we are born with the astral chart most suitable to fulfill it.

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